Yung Berg AKA Hitmaka

Yung Berg AKA Hitmaka

Growing up in Chicago, artist, producer, and songwriter Christian Ward aka Yung Berg was focused while most his age was merely beginning to figure out whom they even were. Music was what he had his eyes on. His passion was so strong it caused tunnel vision of sorts; winning in all facets of the industry was all he saw. That is all he still sees. It all began with a deal on DMX’s Bloodline Records and going on to work on a soundtrack for Warner Bros.’ film, “Exit Wounds,” at the budding age of 15. Early determination has positioned Yung Berg to control his own destiny and his imprint on music.

His parents didn’t understand where the desire to do music came from so Yung Berg became his own guide when it came to his career decisions. Making a mature and life changing move he left the Midwest for California. To follow any dream you can’t be afraid to live them, so he did just that. In 2005 he landed a position as DTP’s artist Shawnna’s hype man and recording assistant. The industry was becoming familiar with him and he was becoming more aware that he was a good fit for it. His first album “Look What You Made Me” was released the summer of 2008, he now had something that was completely his own, but that was only the beginning.

In the midst of opportunities coming his way, Yung Berg established his own ventures including Yung Bosses production team & YFM. Around this time the world became very familiar with the artist in him when his collaboration, “Sexy Can I,” with Ray J took over the airwaves. The single went 4-½ times platinum and was featured on Ray J’s fourth album & Yung Berg’s debut album. Followed by the singles Sexy Lady & The Business that both sold platinum. In 2011 Tiffany J of Family Tree Entertainment, began managing the multi- talented artist/songwriter/producer. In 2011 Yung Berg dropped, “The Love Project” released on Valentine’s Day, and “Mr. Ward” mix tape released March 2011 that has reached over 200k downloads with single “Sex N’ The City” that reached 10 million views on World Star Hip Hop. His 3rd mix tape “Mo Money Mo Condoms” dropped July 2011 and is already reached 200k in downloads and streaming listeners as well as dropping 9 music video with it.

The recent years have brought more production and songwriting credits under the name “Hitmaka” with a roster of established artists trusting his gifts. Yung “Hitmaka” Berg has worked with the likes of Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj, Jeremih, Kid Ink, R.Kelly & Jason Derulo. Other artists that have sought out his unique skill set include French Montana, Sean Kingston, and Jim Jones. Along with that he has produced or written on some of the most popular records in the last few years including Grammy nominated Lil Wayne feat Rick Ross “John”, Driicky Graham “Snaps Backs & Tattoos”, Grammy nominated Tamar Braxton “The One”, and being a feat on DJ Infamous “Double Cup” feat Jeezy, Ludacris, Juicy J & The Game.

Realizing that in the industry if you don’t take the wheel it may be taken from you has influenced his path. He shares these sentiments on what he feels you need to take to make it, “Being your own boss is so important because I can recall labels saying they don’t pay producers. I was offended because I am not just an artist. I draw motivation from people telling me what I can’t do.” Music is meant to leave a lasting impact. Yung Berg never loses sight of that and continues to hone in on what he needs to do to make it in all aspects of the game. Creating your own way, building off established success, and of course continuing to push forward. Yung Berg has allowed every experience to put him in a new place and change his approach to life and especially his music, all for the better.